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Our translation service is of the highest quality as we only use our network of German translators who are professional linguists with over 3 years and 100,000 words translated in their specialised field. That means we can deliver high quality German translation for a range of documents in various industries. See the Translation Services we offer.

Make sure that you have the correct dialect by checking the German speaking areas below, as there is Swiss German and Standard German.

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Standard German translation

Standard German, also referred to as 'High German' is considered the standard for written German.

This would be used in Germany and for texts such as manuals and technical subjects, where as for other documents (letters,marketing, etc..) targeting a specific region (ie: Austria or Switzerland) the regional written form of German would be used. See below:

Swiss German

The only differences in written German is that Swiss German does not use テ but ss, all nouns begin with a capital letter, and that an umlaut ( ツィ ) over a vowel is sometimes replaced by an 窶彳窶, eg: Graubテシnden can be written as Graubuenden.

Professional German Translators

All our German translators, whether translating from German to English translation or English to German translation are professional translators. The vast majority of them hold the diploma in translation (diptrans) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists or its national equivalent and have made their careers and professions out of translating technical manuals with complex terms.

Why use us for your German Translation?

• Our translation service cover specialized subjects such as engineering, law, finance and many other technical texts.

• Our low cost infrastructure is passed on to our clients, so we can offer quality translation from 8p per word.

• Use our translation quote calculator to get an instant translation quote for your German translation.

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Will your German document be the same amount of text once translated?

No. In general the text translated from English to German will expand by about 30%. Conversely, your German to English translation text will contract by around 30%.

German translation
Diese Spitzen-Memory-Foam-Matratze ist perfekt fテシr alle, die sich hテカchsten Komfort und maximale Unterstテシtzung wテシnschen. Ein 6 cm dicker, hochwertiger viskoelastischer Memory-Schaum passt sich Ihrer Kテカrperform perfekt an, mit ausgezeichneter Ausrichtung der Wirbelsテ、ule und optimalem Komfort. Er vermittelt ein Gefテシhl der Gewichtslosigkeit und ermテカglicht, dass Sie sich besser entspannen, schneller einschlafen und vテカllig erfrischt erwachen. Der 14 cm dicke patentierte Ecocell-Schaum passt sich der Memory-Schaumlage harmonisch an. Ecocell hat eine einmalige offene 3D-Zellstruktur, die Wテ、rme und Feuchtigkeit von der Liegeflテ、che entfernt und somit einen kテシhlen und angenehmen Schlaf sicherstellt.
English original text
This top of the range memory foam mattress is perfect for those people looking for the ultimate in comfort and support. A full 6cm of high quality visco-elastic memory foam perfectly adapts to your body shape, delivering excellent spine alignment and comfort. It provides you with a sense of weightlessness and allows you to get comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster and wake up feeling completely refreshed. 14cm of patented Ecocell foam works in harmony with the memory foam layer. Ecocell has a unique 3D open cell structure which draws away heat and humidity from the sleep surface ensuring a cool and comfortable night's sleep.