Weekend Translation service

Need a translation by Monday morning?

We can deliver your translation by Monday morning in all formats (.doc, .html, .pdf, etc..).

Use the translation quote calculator to the right to get a quote.


  • Monday morning delivery
  • Delivery in all formats
  • No minimum word count for orders


  • 2000 words of technical text, like:
  • Engineering, Pharmaceutical, etc..
  • Legal Certified and Sworn translations will take longer
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Translation service over the weekend

We translate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, literally. This may sound like a cliche but we really do and don't mind working over the weekend.

For that urgent text that you need by Monday, we can have it translated and presented in the correct format and ready for publishing.

Our Weekend translation service uses only qualified translators, providing professional ready to publish translations. Unlike other translation companies, we do not use machine or statistical translation.

We won't compromise on the quality of the translation as this is not our style. The quality of the translation is paramount and that is why a qualified translator would translate your text, even if it is not technical and quite general text.

With regards to the text/word limit that if ordered on a Friday evening and delivered for Monday:

Type of text Maximum number of words one translator can translate over the weekend Delivered for Monday morning (any format) as email attachment
General text 2500 words Yes
Pharmaceutical text 2000 words Yes
Engineering text 2000 words Yes
Legal Certified translation 1500 words Yes, by email, the postal copy by Tuesday
Sworn translation 1200 words No, 4 days minimum by post (only valid by post)

Some of the sectors we translate in:

Financial translation

comprising mostly websites and marketing promotional literature, from Powerpoints to normal word documents. We cover it all. Most of our clinets tend to be small to medium sized, so we are used to sudden changes at the last minute or deliverying to tight deadlines, sometimes over the weekend.

Website translation

embedding the translation into the .html, so avoiding pasting errors, designer costs and more importantly for Asian languages with characters and Arabic languages which is written right to left, deliverying the text so that it displays correctly in all browsers and has been proof-read and ready for public view.

Pharmaceutical translation

mainly for Health Outcomes/Clinical Research Organisations, from pre-clinical safety and efficacy tests to approval by MHRA for clinical trials and finally marketing authorisation by EMA for Europe and NICE for inclusion as an NHS prescription.

Engineering translation

is mostly from and to German and mostly Civil Engineering from the construction industry. Electrical Engineering.

Only Qualified translators

We only use translators who are qualified in their given sector and are all native speakers. All hold the MCIL and MITI designatory initials after their name and have translated professionally for over 4 years. All have taken exams to demonstrate their competancy in their given languages and sector.

Only one service level:

Some companies offer different levels of service which include machine/statistical translation and then edited by translators. We don’t offer this as all our translations tend to be high end, technical translations, so require a qualified translator.

Machine translation is where already translated text and phrases have been used by software to come up with machine translation. Best example is google translate. Languages are often not related to the extent where software producing direct faithful translation will be readable and understandable.

Other types of machine translation: Computer Aided translation (CAT tools) and Machine aided human translation (MAHT), used by translators with limted capabilities in translation and normally produces the lower quality translations. CAT tools are sometimes used with text using a lot of repetition, although the time it takes to check each repetition is the same it would take without the CAT tool, so for most translators this is of no benefit.

Use our translation quote calculator to get an instant translation quote for your translation.

We are professional linguists and would be glad to offer free advice with your translation needs.

You can contact us at any time. We translate 7 days a week throughout the year.

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Thank you! Exactly what we wanted, thank you for doing it so quickly and getting back to us expediently with a price and turn-around.


"Brilliant service and over the weekend"
I wanted to say thank you for getting back to us so quickly and getting it to us over the weekend. It really helped us out.