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Fast translation

Our Fast translation service is used by both Business and individuals for high quality, fast translation but who don't want to pay high minimum charges (average £50 with other agencies) or use inaccurate machine translation.

We won't compromise on the quality of the translation as this is not our style. The quality of the translation is paramount and that is why a qualified translator would translate your text, even if it is not technical and quite general text.

With regards to delivery times, as a guide translators in general translate:

Type of text Maximum number of words one translator can translate per day Time it takes from ordering to delivery (eg:up to 1500 word text)
General text 2000 words 1 day (next day)
Pharmaceutical text 1500 words 1 day (next day)
Engineering text 1500 words 1 day (next day)
Legal Certified translation 1000 words 1 day email attachment(2 days by post)
Sworn translation 800 words 4 days minimum by post (only valid by post)

Only Qualified translators

We only use translators who are qualified in their given sector and are all native speakers. All hold the MCIL and MITI designatory initials after their name and have translated professionally for over 4 years. All have taken exams to demonstrate their competancy in their given languages and sector.

What our recent clients say about our services

SAAB Defence
"Quick at responding with price and turnaround"
Thank you! Exactly what we wanted, thank you for doing it so quickly and getting back to us expediently with a price and turn-around.


UCL University
"Brilliant service and over the weekend"
I wanted to say thank you for getting back to us so quickly and getting it to us over the weekend. It really helped us out.


Discounts for large texts:

We do give discounts on the rate per word for large volume texts, normally for texts greater than 5000 words. As the volume increases the price per word would be less (discounted).

How we charge:

Prices are charged per source word, normally around £0.12 per source word. This is a normal way of charging in UK, although in continental Europe some companies do charge per page. Pricing per word is more exact and generally is more transparent for you, the client, so you can see what is being charged.

Some languages will be more expensive (Scandinavian) than others, as well as the technicality of the text (legal, engineering texts are more expensive than general texts) and the delivery deadline (a tighter deadline will obviously be more expensive, normally by about 30%).

Document types:

We accept all document types. The most common is word (.doc) and is the most simple, as the translator will type in the translation below or over the original text, all saving time. Pdf documents are the hardest as they cannot be edited and therefore take more time. We don’t charge extra for handling these, although some companies add a surcharge of 30%.

Only one service level:

Some companies offer different levels of service which include machine/statistical translation and then edited by translators. We don’t offer this as all our translations tend to be high end, technical translations, so require a qualified translator.

Machine translation is where already translated text and phrases have been used by software to come up with machine translation. Best example is google translate. Languages are often not related to the extent where software producing direct faithful translation will be readable and understandable.

Other types of machine translation: Computer Aided translation (CAT tools) and Machine aided human translation (MAHT), used by translators with limted capabilities in translation and normally produces the lower quality translations. CAT tools are sometimes used with text using a lot of repetition, although the time it takes to check each repetition is the same it would take without the CAT tool, so for most translators this is of no benefit.

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