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We offer translation of text documents in over 140 standard official languages, ranging from specialized like, engineering translation and legal sworn translation to general translation.

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We only use Qualified Translators

We only use translators who are members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) or Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). These two organisations, based in UK, set exams for translators wanting a professional qualification in translation, which is recognised by UK government and UK courts. They are qualified to provide UK Certified translations.

We deal with a lot of specialised translations, from engineering, pharmaceutical and legal sworn texts, especially Certified and Sworn translations for continental Europe, so are used to offering high quality translations.

Proof reading

This seems to be a requisite when it comes to the translation industry and is fairly standard by most other companies offering translation services. This is automatically included in our translation process, so when giving a price, this will be automatically included.

Advice on language selection

Certain countries/areas of the world have unique regional languages, of which we can advise the most appropriate, giving you the most natural translation suited to the region.

Simplified or Traditional Chinese?

  • Simplified Chinese is predominantly for mainland China and Singapore, where as;
  • Traditional Chinese is predominantly for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas Chinese communities.

Swiss French or Swiss German for Switzerland?

  • Swiss French (which is standard French) is predominantly the main language in Western Switzerland.
  • Swiss German is used in Central and Eastern Switzerland.
  • Written High German would be used, although the population speak Swiss German (same grammar, but with different vocabulary for everyday things) which even varies between cantons/regions.

Castilian Spanish or Catalan for Barcelona?

  • Catalan is predominantly the main spoken language in Catalonia (especially outside of Barcelona), parts of Valencia and the Balearic islands.
  • Castilian Spanish is predominantly the main language in the rest of Spain, with exception to Galicia. (Castilian Spanish is dominant in the Basque country).
  • Although, comercially Castilian Spanish would be used, unless the text was specifically for that region and nowhere else outside.

What our recent clients say about our services

SAAB Defence
"Quick at responding with price and turnaround"
Thank you! Exactly what we wanted, thank you for doing it so quickly and getting back to us expediently with a price and turn-around.


UCL University
"Brilliant service and over the weekend"
I wanted to say thank you for getting back to us so quickly and getting it to us over the weekend. It really helped us out.


Discounts for large texts:

We do give discounts on the rate per word for large volume texts, normally for texts greater than 5000 words. As the volume increases the rate would be less (discounted).

How we charge:

Prices are charged per source word, normally around £0.12 per source word. This is a normal way of charging in UK, although in continental Europe some companies do charge per page. Pricing per word is more exact and generally is more transparent for you, the client, so you can see what is being charged.

Some languages will be more expensive (Scandinavian) than others, as well as the technicality of the text (legal, engineering texts are more expensive than general texts) and the delivery deadline (a tighter deadline will obviously be more expensive, normally by about 30%).

Document types:

We accept all document types. The most common is word (.doc) and is the most simple, as the translator will type in the translation below or over the original text, all saving time. Pdf documents are the hardest as they cannot be edited and therefore take more time. We don’t charge extra for handling these, although some companies add a surcharge of 30%.

Different service levels:

Some companies offer different levels of service which include machine/statistical translation and then edited by translators. We don’t offer this as all our translations tend to be high end, technical translations, so require a qualified translator.

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