Translation services

Our translation service cover specialized subjects such as engineering, law, finance and many other technical texts.

Our 24 hour/7 day week operation means you get your quality translation on time.

Our low cost infrastructure is passed on to our clients, so we can offer professional translation services from 9p per word.

Use our translation quote calculator to get an instant translation quote, a 'first' in the translation sector.

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Why choose our Translation Services Company?

quality of translation

We only use translators that have passed the 'diploma in translation' exam from the Chartered Institute of Linguists ( or their national equivalent and are specialised in their particular field, ie: law, finance, etc...

on-time delivery

Once proof-reading has finished, we can normally translate 2000 words a day of General text and 1500 words a day of Technical text. We will always be honest about the time it will take to deliver a quality translation as this cannot be rushed.

delivery in any format (.html, etc..)

We offer a complete localisation service, editing the website directly, adding language bars and changing page and language links. Unlike other companies, we won't add a surcharge for this; all delivered at the same low cost price.

low translation cost

We are one of the few in translation to give an instant price using the online calculator. We can offer prices as low as £0.09 per word including proof-reading and the format you want (eg: websites, from pdf files).

Our founding aim is to provide translations that are of such a standard that they appear original, translating meaning rather than just words.

What our recent clients say about our services

SAAB Defence
"Quick at responding with price and turnaround"
Thank you! Exactly what we wanted, thank you for doing it so quickly and getting back to us expediently with a price and turn-around.


UCL University
"Brilliant service and over the weekend"
I wanted to say thank you for getting back to us so quickly and getting it to us over the weekend. It really helped us out.


Some of the sectors we translate in:

Financial translation

comprising mostly websites and marketing promotional literature, from Powerpoints to normal word documents. We cover it all. Most of our clinets tend to be small to medium sized, so we are used to sudden changes at the last minute or deliverying to tight deadlines, sometimes over the weekend.

Website translation

embedding the translation into the .html, so avoiding pasting errors, designer costs and more importantly for Asian languages with characters and Arabic languages which is written right to left, deliverying the text so that it displays correctly in all browsers and has been proof-read and ready for public view.

Pharmaceutical translation

mainly for Health Outcomes/Clinical Research Organisations, from pre-clinical safety and efficacy tests to approval by MHRA for clinical trials and finally marketing authorisation by EMA for Europe and NICE for inclusion as an NHS prescription.

Engineering translation

is mostly from and to German and mostly Civil Engineering from the construction industry. Electrical Engineering.