Italian Sworn translation service

for legal documents submitted to a Italian Court/Government department/University from English for Italy and its oversees territories:

Which countries require a Italian Sworn translation?

  • Mainland Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily
  • San Marino

Italian territories, whose laws have been reformed by the 'Napoleonic Code'.

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What is this?

A sworn translator acts as a Government/court translator, so the translated document is a legal document in its own right. Some countries require this (Europe) and some only certified translations (Anglophile countires). These translators are regulated by an appropriate Government department (Ministry of Justice) or court (Regional/Appeal courts).

Any official document from a government/organisation or company that will be used in a legal context in Italian and Continental Europe:

Any document (passport, marriage certificate, will, police report, insurance documents, university degree, contract with a foriegn company, etc..) that is presented to any department within the British Government has to be translated into English by a 'certified translator'. For it to be legally recognised it has to bear the signature, contact details and qualifications/membership number of that certified translator.

Italian Sworn translation

(Sworn translator-traduttore ufficiale Giurato) that have passed the 'esame di idoneitá' and are registered with Italian Ministry of Justice's (Ministerio della giustizia) courts. The Sworn translation needs to be stamped (€16 every 4 pages). If the translation is to be sent abroad, the Registrar's signature is legalized at the Public Prosecutors Office.

How much will it cost?

From £95 for a legal document. Use our translation quote form top right to get a price.

Use our submit form at the bottom, so you can receive a detailed quote by email. Response within 3 hours.

We can receive a scanned copy of your document. Normally the Sworn translator has to see the original document as they have to check the validity of it and attached the translation to the document. The majority of countries now accept scanned copies, so your original document won't get lost in the post. The Sworn translation can only be delivered as a hard copy (via mail or courier).