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Professional French translators

Our French translators are professional linguists who can deliver your translation in French.

All our French translators translate into their mother tongue and are selected relevant to your document and where the document will be read, making sure that any local cultural differences are included.

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French Translator Selection process

French TranslatorWe use over 1,500 French translators, who specialize from Marketing translation to Engineering translation, delivering translations in French.

The majority of them have passed the 'Diploma in Translation' from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, a standard for Professional translation and have translated over 100,000 words in their specialized field.

French Translation Process

From the moment we receive your text and confirmation to proceed with translation:

  • we select from our database of over 15,000, the translator specializing in the subject matter of your text and target language, whether it be French or Canadian French. We can advise you on the dialect most appropriate for your target audience.
  • we then select the translator specializing in your subject area. We cover all main industry sectors, from Law to Engineering. See the list to the right.
  • we then format the translation into the format requested, eg: html for websites, with the option of having it uploaded directly onto your server, see French Website Translation.

Large projects

Translators normally translate 2000 words of general text and 1500 words of specialized text (Engineering, Financial, Legal, etc..) per day. Projects with a high word count and high turn around, we employ a team of specialized translators.

To ensure consistency with specialized terms, we compile a glossary with stylistic guidelines. After proof reading and ensuring the translation is of the highest quality and consistent through-out, the translation is then ready for publication and send to the client.