Sworn translation Sworn translation


What is this?

Any official document from a government/organisation or company that will be used in a legal context in Continental Europe:

  • Legal documents: birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, No Impediment to Marriage, Powers of Attorney, Adoption, etc..
  • Academic qualifications: University degrees
  • Residents' Permits: Passport, Police clearances, Medical statements, Immunization records, Employment records
  • Contracts: with foriegn companies, buying a house abroad
  • Financial documents: to be published in other countries

A sworn translation is:

  • Signed and has the official stamp (registration number) of that sworn translator.
  • Sworn translator is regulated by a Government ministry or appointed by the courts of that country
  • Valid in any legal context, as the translated document is considered a legal document in its own right.

Which countries require a Sworn translation?

Continental Europe, that use 'Civil law'

Do I need this for the British Government?

No. You would need a 'UK Certified translation'.

Any document (passport, marriage certificate, will, police report, insurance documents, university degree, contract with a foriegn company, etc..) that is presented to any department within the British Government has to be translated into English by a 'certified translator'. For it to be legally recognised it has to bear the signature and membership number of that certified translator.

That translator has to be an Associate/Member/Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the relevant language pair.

Your translation can only be delivered as a hard copy (via mail or courier) as the original document has to be received by the translator.

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