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Differences between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish

We deal a lot with translations for South America (Lartin American) and European Spanish (Spain) and can advise on the differences between the two.

When spoken, they do differ more than the written form, although both speakers will perfectly understand the other as the grammar is the same, with only everyday words being different, similar to US English and British English. Examples of these are 'carro' in Latin American texts and 'coche' in European Spanish. There are many different words used in everyday circumstances between the two:


Edinburgh, beautiful, brilliant and breathtaking... Ok, so we might be biased, but we reckon it’s one of the most perfect cities in the world. Now you’ve probably heard of A Tale of Two Cities, but here, in Edinburgh, it’s more A Tale of Two Towns. The medieval Old Town contrasts sharply with the Georgian splendour of New Town, making for a stunning experience - it’s no surprise it was declared a World Heritage Site.

Latin American Spanish

Edimburgo, precioso, genial e imponente... De acuerdo, nuestra opinión puede ser parcial, pero pensamos que es una de las ciudades más perfectas del mundo. Alomejor ha oído hablar de una Historia de Dos Ciudades, bueno pues aquí en Edimburgo, es una Historia de Dos Pueblos. Existe un marcado contraste entre El Edimburgo Antiguo medieval y el esplendor georgiano del Edimburgo Nuevo, lo cual ofrece una experiencia interesante. No es sorprendente que se le haya nombrado patrimonio de la humanidad.

European Spanish

Edimburgo, precioso, genial e imponente... De acuerdo, nuestra opinión puede ser parcial, pero creemos que es una de las ciudades más perfectas del mundo. A lo mejor ha oído hablar de una Historia de Dos Ciudades, pero aquí en Edimburgo, es más bien una Historia de Dos Pueblos. El Antiguo Pueblo medieval contrasta pronunciadamente con el esplendor Georgiano del Pueblo Nuevo , ofreciendo una experiencia impresionante. No es sorprendente que la ciudad haya sido declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

Latin American Spanish in South America

Spanish speaking countries in South America Brazil - Brazilian Portuguese Argentina Peru Colombia Chile Guiana - English Suriname - Dutch French Guiana - French Bolivia Falkland Islands (Las Malvinas) - English Paraguay Venezuala Ecuador Uruguay

Latin American Spanish (Central American), is used over the whole continent except Brazil, Guyana (English), Suriname (Dutch) and French Guiana (French).

In Africa, Equatorial Guinea is Spanish speaking.

South American Spanish speaking countries:

  • Colombia
  • Venezuala
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Argentina

Brazil is Portuguese (Brazilian) speaking.

Will your Spanish translation be the same amount of text?

No. As you can see from the above examples of translation, text translated from English to Spanish will expand by about 20%. Conversely, your Spanish to English translation text will contract by around 20%.

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