Notarised translation Affidavit (form of notarisation)


What is this?

A certified translation that needs notarisation:

  • The translator will swear in front of a Notary Public/Solicitor that the translation is a 'true and faithful translation'.
  • The 'Affidavit' is a form of notarisation. The translator's credentials and the translation have been sworn as accurate and in front of a Notary Public/Solicitor.
  • This notarised document is recognized in many countries, although if not, then an apostille from the Foriegn and Commonwealth office is needed.

An affidavit is very rarely asked for. The majority of cases are for translations of documents for courts.

What is an Apostille?

An apostille is a certificate issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK documents only) confirming the signature and seal of the legal document and this procedure is accepted in an increasing number of countries.

It is also sometimes reffered to as: consular legalisation (often referred to simply as "consularisation") or an apostille.


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