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July 2009

Exigo translations opens a Sales office in Colchester, Essex. Although our primary office is still based near Oxford, our sales office will compliment this to cope with recent growth.

This second office will concentrate on Sales and Marketing side to bring in more new business and to capitalise and ensure current growth.

July 2008

Exigo translations launches its new logo to enhance the brand giving it a simple and clear look. Although based on our old logo, it looks fresher, simpler and more noticable.

We redesigned our company logo, almost 2 years old, giving a fresher, simpler look. The design was based on our old logo, keeping the globe and distinct light blue which is our trademark and enlarging our name 'Exigo' so it was more noticable for our customers and against our competitors.

April 2007

Exigo translations wins another contract from Aegis Trust to translate their new website www.globefordarfur.org into 7 languages.

We were again awarded the contract by Aegis Trust to translate their new website ready for the 'Global Day for Darfur' with events occuring in all 5 continents.

March 2007

Google's next big project: Instant Language translation using a mix of machine and human translation.

"Google's approach, called statistical machine translation, differs from past efforts in that it forgoes language experts who program grammatical rules and dictionaries into computers. Instead, they feed documents humans have already translated into two languages and then rely on computers to discern patterns for future translations"


"Google chairman Eric Schmidt also sees broad political consequences of a world with easy translations. What happens when we have 100 languages in simultaneous translation? Google and other companies are working on statistical machine translation so that we can on demand translate everything all the time," he told a conference earlier this year."

December 2006

Exigo translations wins the contract from Aegis Trust to translate www.globefordarfur.org into 10 languages.

We were awarded the contract by Aegis Trust for translating one of their websites; www.globefordarfur.org into 10 languages. The campaign is highlighting the genocide that is happening in parts of Darfur and needs support from the public in lobbying politicians into intervening and putting an end to it. We are more than proud to have contributed to such a good cause.

August 2006

Proud to sponsor Guy Willis Rob and Tom Welchman as a team in the Mongol Rally.

Along with other comercial sponsors we helped them with financial support as well as linguistic needs, when required, in their 10,000 mile journey from London to Mongolia. They had to contend with crossing 7 mountain ranges, 3 deserts, as well as encountering the linguistic challenges (which of course we thrive off) that come with such a race through parts of Asia, rarely visited by westeners. All this was achieved without a support team, no GPS navegation and plain old intuition when faced with some serious problems during the race.

July 2006

Exigo translations moves from Barcelona to Oxford.

Having been established in Barcelona with long ties to the city and the Catalan region for a number of years, we upped and moved to Oxford. The reasons for this were principally to concentrate on our key UK market where most of our clients are based and where there is a large and growing market for professional translations. Other factors such as the Spanish tax regime for small companies, although not critical, certainly confirmed the decision to move.