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Whether translating manuals for an electronic appliance or an academic research project.

We offer technical engineering translation for most areas of:

engineering, including civil, electrical, and mechanical, petroleum and chemical engineering as well as patent documentation.

We offer technical translation for manuals, industry specifications and instrumentation manuals for complex industrial and petroleum processes, heavy machinery, the plastics industry, and manufacturing plants.

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Qualified Engineering translators

All our translators are MITI/MCIL qualifed, so have passed exams and are members of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) or CIoL (Chartered Institute of Linguists). Both these organisations are recognised by the UK courts and UK Government departments for providing Certified Legal translations.

They also have a background (degree in engineering/work background) in their specialised engineering subject, ie: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.. and some even hold postgraduate degrees, like MSEE (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering).

This ensures that complete accuracy and precision can be guaranteed with the target text.

Professional translation service for your technical and engineering document

• Qualified native translators (MCIL/MITI qualified from the CIoL and ITI) with a background in their speciality, eg: electrical engineering.

• Competitive price with prices from 12p per word. Use our translation quote calculator to the right.

• Minimum translation order: £20, one of the lowest in the translation industry.

• On-time deadlines, with quick turn-arounds.

• 7 day a week customer service.

Typical format of engineering texts/translations

Most of our engineering clients that need translations, send us the texts in word format, with delivery in word. Although we have also delivered in various different formats apart from word, including flow charts, pdf documents and lastly websites.

There is no extra charge for delivering in a different format, like flow charts, pdf or html for websites. Pdf documents are normally converted to word documents (using software like Ominpage Ultimate); flow charts normally have to be created from scratch and delivering in html for websites is normally preferred by us as we can embedd the translation directly into the code, translating all meta tags, alt tags and forms and means everything is ready there and then to be uploaded onto the server and ready for publication.

Industrial Translation by professional translators

Apart from being MCIL and MITI qualified, over the years spent translating, our translators have built up glossaries of complex terms. The majority of them use CAT (Computer aided translation) tools which can increase consistency with technical terms if there is a lot of repetition. Whilst these tools help with the speed of translating they can never substitute a qualified translator, which will ensure a perfect translation.


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Engineering Client case study

Designing and manufacturing specialist batteries for fork lift trucks is a speciality of Philidelphia Scientific, a multinational with global offices and serving clients in many european and other markets. Read more >>

Engineering translation example:


Sentinel Overview
Each charger is equipped with a charger monitor called a Sentinel. The Sentinel has 3 LED indicators to indicate the status of the battery connected to the charger.The Sentinel unit is a monitoring device that needs both a power and data connection, if either are not connected the unit will not operate correctly.

Italian translation

Caratteristiche del dispositivo Sentinel
Ciascun caricabatterie è dotato di un dispositivo di monitoraggio chiamato Sentinel. Il Sentinel ha tre spie LED che indicano lo stato della batteria collegata a quel caricabatterie.Il Sentinel è un dispositivo di monitoraggio che ha bisogno sia di un collegamento dati sia di un collegamento all'alimentazione elettrica. Se una di queste due connessioni non è attiva l’unità non è in grado di funzionare correttamente.