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Which countries require a Certified translation?

  • UK
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • South Africa

Anglophile countries, mostly ex-British colonies that use 'Common law'.

For continental Europe, you will need a Sworn translation.

What is this?

Any document that is to be submitted to a court or Government department UK and Anglophile countries (USA, Australia, South Africa, etc..):

  • Legal documents: birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, No Impediment to Marriage, Powers of Attorney, Adoption, etc..
  • Academic qualifications: University degrees
  • Residents' Permits: Passport, Police clearances, Medical statements, Immunization records, Employment records
  • Contracts: with foriegn companies, buying a house abroad
  • Financial documents: to be published in other countries

A certified translation is:

  • Signed and has the registration number of that certified translator.
  • Accompanied with a letter, stating it is a 'true translation' of the Legal document.
  • Recognised by the UK courts/UK Government as well as Universities/Colleges, UK NARIC, Passport Office, Home Office, Police, Legal Institutions, British Medical Council.

How much will it cost?

From £65 for a legal document. Use our translation quote form top right to get a price.

Use our submit form to the right, so you can receive a detailed quote by email. Response within 3 hours.

Do I need this for the British Government/Courts/Universities?


Any document (passport, marriage certificate, will, police report, insurance documents, university degree, contract with a foriegn company, etc..) that is presented to any department within the British Government has to be translated into English by a 'certified translator'. For it to be legally recognised it has to bear the signature and membership number of that certified translator.

That translator has to be a Member or Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and has to have passed the Law option of Paper 3 of the 'diploma in translation' exam in the relevant language pair.

We can receive a scanned copy of your document. Your 'Certified translation' can only be delivered as a hard copy (via mail or courier).

An Apostille or notarization

To notarize a document so it is received in the receiving country as genuine, you would need an 'Apostille.' For UK documents this is obtained from the Foriegn & Commonwealth office in Milton Keynes (now only by post) for £30 per document. See their website on Legalisation.

The Apostille (small piece of paper with embossed seal, signature of official and date) is physically attached (glued) to the original document.

For other countries, contact your nearest Consulate/Embassy if abroad or your Ministry of Foriegn Affairs if in your home country.

Check our list of Apostille receiving countries.


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