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Aerospace engineering, which involves the design and building of aircraft and spacecraft, has to undergo severe pressure conditions such as differences in atmospheric pressure and temperature, or heavy structural load applied upon vehicle components.

Various disciplines have to be taken into account, like; aerodynamics, materials science and electronics, with many specialists in diferent areas working on one project.

Aeronautical engineering, which once described this side of engineering, is the antiquated term which has been replaced by the term; Aerospace engineering, as this now includes the engineering side of craft in outer space.

The main bulk of our translation clients come from US and Europe as these have traditionally been the industry leaders.

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Like all our translators specializing in Engineering and its sub-disciplines, our aerospace engineering translators are members of the British ITI or IoL. Being qualified translators in the first instance is a must, as well as having a background in aerospace engineering through a degree or relevant work experince. On top of this they will have years of experience in translating this technical subject matter, hereby guarenteeing a first class translation. Proof reading is included in the rate/price by the calculator or if given by email.


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